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I’m Marjan
Since 2008 I am a very ambitious hobby photographer. My first camera was a Sony Alpha 200. After a few years I switched to the 35mm sensor. Meanwhile I own MicroFourThirds as well as my 35mm cameras. I find these ingenious for street photography.

My favorite focal length is 40 mm. I got a taste for the small fine Minolta M-Rokkor 2/40, which I used with the Minolta CLE.

With the time came also the interest in analog photography. So it came to the fact that I develop black-and-white photos myself and expose them as needed.

For data protection reasons I host my photos on my own server. So I minimize the collecting desire of the big players.


All photos shown on my website were created by me or a person close to me. The photos are protected by copyright. Any use, commercial or private, has to be reported to me. Prints, even for private use, may only be made with my permission.
Furthermore, a fee is due for any use. This is recorded in a separate contract between the user and me.

If you would like to use a photo, please do not hesitate to contact me: marjan[at]


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